Rent 4x4 / SUV

Rent a 4x4 in Spain

Are you thinking of renting a 4x4 SUV to give a different touch of adventure to your excursions from Madrid, Barcelona or any other Spanish city?

It is an excellent idea.

Traveling in a 4x4 car is always fun, especially if you go with family or friends. But, this type of vehicle

Reserve an SUV: your next experience

When choosing the off-road model you are going to reserve, you must take into account a host of technical characteristics, but also the manufacturer brand and the company that rents the vehicle. At DDSportCar we work with premium vehicles from major brands such as Audi , Mercedes, BMW, Jeep or Range Rover.

If you are looking for a spacious, comfortable 4x4 that meets your expectations, here you will find it. But getting the best 4x4 for rent is not the only thing we can offer you. We stand out for our personalized service for each client.

Our greatest pride will be getting the next time you think about renting an ATV, remember DDSportCar. And we work hard every day to achieve it: we want all of our clients to come back. Renting a 4x4 car not only implies greater space and comfort for the driver and front passengers. An SUV is the perfect vehicle to safely access almost any location or type of terrain. You can drive it on roads or highways and even through the desert, if necessary.

Do you want to live a fun adventure in Spain? The 4x4 SUV can be your best ally.

What does a 4x4 SUV offer you? Technical characteristics

A trip through a mountainous area, on dirt roads or in adverse weather conditions, as well as a trip of many kilometers are enough reasons to rent an ATV.

With this type of vehicle you will enjoy:

  • More acceleration. In less time, it accelerates more, despite being a heavier type of car.
  • Comfortable driving. It does not matter how vintage the 4x4 is because its spaciousness, extra height and seating arrangement makes it easy to get in and out and it is very comfortable to travel for many hours.
  • More security. Off-road vehicles have more traction than a standard car and when faced with greater traction, greater driver control in the event of a possible accident. The conclusion is that the probability of an accident is less.
  • More space. Most 4x4 car models are very spacious inside and that includes the trunk.

Audi Q8

From 195€ per day
Alquiler de Audi Q8

CV 286 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 5

BMW X5 MPack

From 195€ per day
Alquiler de BMW X5 MPack

CV 265 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 5-7


From 250€ per day
Alquiler de BMW X7

CV 265 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 7

Jeep Wrangler

From 150€ per day
Alquiler de Jeep Wrangler

CV 200 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 5

Mercedes G Class

From 250€ per day
Alquiler de Mercedes G Class

CV 422 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 5

Mercedes GLS

From 260€ per day
Alquiler de Mercedes GLS

CV 286 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 7

Porsche Cayenne

From 225€ per day
Alquiler de Porsche Cayenne

CV 340 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 5

Porsche Macan

From 195€ per day
Alquiler de Porsche Macan

CV 245 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 5

Range Rover Sport HSE

From 195€ per day
Alquiler de Range Rover Sport HSE

CV 306 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 5-7

Range Rover Velar

From 195€ per day
Alquiler de Range Rover Velar

CV 240 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 5

Range Rover Vogue

From 260€ per day
Alquiler de Range Rover Vogue

CV 339 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 5

Tesla X

From 450€ per day
Alquiler de Tesla X

CV 423 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 5


Where can I rent my SUV?

In DDSportCar you can reserve your 4x4 online from this same page. You only have to choose the model and brand and fill in the reservation details, such as the start date, the place of collection, the return date and the place of delivery. In addition, you can mark extras such as snow chains, additional driver, navigator or baby seat. Before making the reservation, you can check the technical characteristics of the vehicle such as the type of gear change, fuel, engine, power, speed, number of doors, number of seats and type of drive. Our team of professionals will take you to the door.

How much does it cost to rent a 4X4?

Depends on the model. At DDSportCar we have luxury SUVs of different brands and prices. You can reserve yours from 195 euros a day. Do you need more information or know the rental budget for several days? Feel free to contact our customer service.