Rent a BMW X5 MPack

The BMW X5 Mpack is the most compelling representative of the X range in presence and technology. An SUV that defends the new functional design of the brand and its vision for the future.

















BMW X5 rental in Spain

The BMW X5 MPack can be rented for trips or events of any kind. Its power, interior space and the great solvency with which it solves any terrain, adapts to all types of trips for 5-7 passengers. Driving the BMW X5 Mpack in places like Madrid, Barcelona or Malaga will allow you to feel the sensation of dominating big cities thanks, in part, to its agility to maneuver.

You can also benefit from the traction of this SUV on road trips or narrow relief destinations because the X5 is designed to reduce fatigue and control any inclement until it is minimized perception. Rent the BMW X5 MPack for traveling with family or friends and enjoy a comfortable, spacious journey, with an exclusive interior and with all the navigation and entertainment systems that this high-end 4x4 incorporates.

Model features, engine, finishes

The new BMW X5 MPack combines everything this range represents: power, style and technology. With a 2993 cm3 automatic change diesel engine, it can reach a top speed of 243 km / h and accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 5.5 seconds. This is especially good considering that the X5's curb weight is 2,135 kg.

This premium SUV has a striking and beautiful presence on the road. A 4x4 sports car that boasts of being one of the fastest in its range and combines that agility with a design where every detail becomes a statement of intent.The iconic chrome BMW grille with the new hexagonal contour, large air intakes and distinctive headlights stands out on the front.

The interior shows the level of demand that the German brand pursues with its imposing bodywork. This large space reserved for driver and passenger enjoyment features the latest generation of connectivity and assistance technologies from BMW. A careful and exclusive interior that shines with its own light thanks to the panoramic glass ceiling Sky Lounge.

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Why rent a BMW X5 MPack?

Renting a BMW X5 MPack is the right decision if you are looking to enjoy a premium SUV that is a leader in its range. An all-wheel drive 4x4 that is equipped with the latest technology for greater safety and maximum dynamism on any terrain. Make any journey aboard one of the most exclusive models of the German brand. If you want to enjoy the pleasure of driving to your destination, you just have to rent a BMW X5 MPack, and the first one will come.

Where and how to rent?

Renting a 4x4 sports SUV for 5 people or more, such as the BMW X5 MPack, is a procedure that must be done with an experienced luxury car rental company that offers guarantees. At DDSportCar we facilitate the rental of sports cars such as the BMW X5 MPack offering the possibility of picking it up in the vast majority of cities in Spain, and even with an exclusive door-to-door service. Contact us and request all the information you need to rent the BMW X5 for the time you want.


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