Rent Luxury Vans

Rent Luxury van

Are you traveling with a companion and need a powerful, spacious and comfortable luxury van for 7 or more people? A luxury 7-seater van adapts to your travel plan.

Reserve 7 seater luxury car

At DDSportCar we are at your disposal to facilitate the rental of your 7-seater luxury car. On this same page you have access to our fleet of large vehicles with up to 9 seats that you can reserve in just a few clicks. Select the model you want to rent, confirm that the technical characteristics adapt to what you are looking for and make your reservation right now.

What does a luxury van offer you? Technical characteristics

First-class travel feeling, but with a larger-than-normal cabin and power you never imagined. That is traveling in a luxury car with 7 or more seats. With rear-wheel drive, automatic transmission and 190 horsepower, your van will travel up to 206 km / h. The great advantage of these large luxury vehicles lies in their number of seats, well above the 4 or 5 of a standard passenger car. In these vans 6, 7 and up to 8 people can travel comfortably and with enough space in the trunk for everyone's belongings. If you are traveling with groups of friends or family, or you need a boot with a good capacity and you don't want to take a step back from the comfort level you are used to; a luxury van may be your best option. Simple driving, powerful engine and comfort for everyone. A luxury van that will make your trip through Spain more comfortable.

Mercedes V Class 250d

From 150€ per day
Alquiler de Mercedes V Class 250d

CV 190 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 8


How much does it cost to rent a 7 seater luxury van?

It depends on the brand and model chosen, but for a price starting at 250 euros a day it is possible to rent a luxury van in Spain.

What are the most popular brands?

We work with Mercedes luxury vans: the most luxurious, spacious, powerful and comfortable on the market. But we also have the option of the Volkswagen Caravelle, one of the best luxury vans on the market.

Is there home delivery?

Yes. Our professional team travels to any point in Spain to make the delivery of the vehicle and also the collection. You only have to indicate it when making your reservation and the DDSportCar staff will contact you to confirm the delivery address.