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The cars of the future have already arrived, and the first is the Tesla X.

















Rent a Tesla Model X

Renting a Tesla X in Spain is something that until now was difficult. However, at DDSportCar we offer you this exclusive vehicle that comes directly from the future.

The Tesla X is the best premium vehicle you will find for business trips, and not only for the endless benefits it includes, but for its image. This impressive SUV has an unbeatable exterior and interior aesthetics, something that, together with its opening of seagull doors, serves as a guarantee to stand out, although it is in large cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Marbella or Ibiza where cars are seen passing luxury of the big brands every minute.

The all-wheel drive and double engine of this model also makes it an ideal candidate for great experiences. This performance and power makes the Tesla X a great rental option for group adventure travel.

An SUV that, a priori, does not seem like it, since it does not look the typical appearance of a 4x4, but that has an impeccable behavior and grip on all types of terrain.

Renting the Tesla X in Spain is something reserved for demanding customers capable of appreciating true luxury and this futuristic model that Tesla has created is the closest thing to flying over a car that exists in the world.

Model features, engine, finishes

The Tesla X has two engines: one on the front axle and one on the rear. Both provide you with all-wheel drive. Its maximum speed is 250km / h and it can make the step from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds. This makes the Tesla X an SUV with a heart and supercar speed, something unprecedented until now.

The engineering used by the Tesla X is so novel that it accumulates more than 500 patents. This new way of designing and building luxury vehicles breaks records in practically everything imaginable and brings new features such as Safety Active. This security system acts as an invisible shield in the form of 12 radars that can even turn the steering wheel to avoid collisions and stop the vehicle completely.

That, along with other protective measures, position it as one of the safest SUVs in the world, according to NHTSA crash tests.

In design and aesthetics it has great contributions that exceed the high-end level. The most striking are its seagull doors, which open upwards to provide more comfort to the rear occupants.
Also noteworthy is its panoramic windshield, which extends towards the ceiling giving unprecedented visibility towards the sky.

In the cabin, the level of innovation and demand is similar to that exhibited in the technical aspect, where its two screens of 12" and 17" control every mechanical and entertainment aspect. This interior space of the Tesla X is continuously maintained with air as clean as that in an operating room thanks to a combination of several HEPA filters approved for hospital use.

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Why rent a TESLA X? Renting a Tesla X is an opportunity to see the future. This luxury supercar brings so many technological advancements to the automotive industry that it is irresistible to try this experience that few can access yet. If you want to try the vehicle everyone is talking about for the first time, or you don't want to stop doing it and feel this experience, you should rent the Tesla X. Where to rent it? You can rent the Tesla X in Spain at our DDSportCar centers by making the reservation online through our website. At DDSportCar we offer you hundreds of collection points throughout Spain and the exclusive door-to-door service to take the luxury rental vehicle directly to the address you want.


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