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A G-Class with a 40-year-old historical design that appears to break the mold with its fusion of ostentation and natural instinct. A Mercedes classic that is always reborn and surprises.

Rent Mercedes G Class in Spain

To rent the Mercedes G Class is to obtain the maximum compatibility of an SUV. The G-Class fuses apparently contradictory aspects, such as luxury and adventure, or robustness and protection. Qualities that make it the perfect all-rounder to travel with family or friends to the most remote destinations on your adventure and pleasure trips. As a demonstration of its versatility, this 4x4 becomes impressive also on the asphalt thanks to its ease of driving. The axle configuration of the Mercedes G-Class adapts to the road for precise wheel guidance and precise steering response. This allows you to travel more accurately the streets of any city in Spain, and enables an improvement in the performance of this SUV on the road. Therefore, a large part of our demanding customers decide to rent the Mercedes G Class and thus feel nature even in the center of large cities such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville or San Sebastián.

This luxurious off-roader immediately catches the eye with its robust, square design. An aesthetic with personality and character that also makes it the ideal Mercedes version for those business trips where standing out only with presence is an almost mandatory requirement.

Model features, engine, finishes

 Renting the Mercedes G Class is getting a perfect engineering pack.The engine of this SUV has a power of 422 hp and, despite its dimensions, can reach a maximum speed of 210 km / h. This 5-seater 4-wheel drive 4x4 combines its vigor with a delicate interior where space and assistance while driving are the protagonists.

A modern and intuitive usability and handling concept that ensures the driver does not need to take his eyes off the road so that nothing distracts him from pure driving pleasure Its redesigned body has the absolute, angular and emblematic lines of the G range that, despite time, always manages to reinvent itself and reach a new level. The Mercedes G Class sports the classic functional and robust front, the clear profiles and the large flat surfaces that for decades have given a dominant appearance to this range.
















Mercedes G Class
Mercedes G Class
Mercedes G Class
Mercedes G Class

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Why rent a Mercedes Clase G?

If you are looking for an SUV that manages to define its dynamic and adventurous essence within a high range, renting a Mercedes G Class is the perfect option. At DDsportcar we offer you the best version of the G-class so that you can enjoy a luxurious and distinguished interior at the controls of a classic that makes an impact with your presence. A complete driving experience inside this model's widest cabin, until now, to be enjoyed on asphalt, difficult terrain or road trips.

Where and how to rent?

You can rent the Mercedes G Class in DDsportcar through our online reservation or in the hundreds of points that you can find in many cities in Spain. We offer you a luxury vehicle with premium conditions so that you only have to worry about living the experience. As a sign of this commitment to your satisfaction, we give you the option of renting your high-end car with door-to-door service for greater comfort.


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