Rent a Mercedes S Class

The Mercedes S Class maintains the essence of the most elegant and exclusive line of Mercedes. A unique vehicle for lovers of power and luxury that only this German brand can achieve.

















Hire Mercedes S Class in Spain

Renting a Mercedes S Class is always the right decision. This high-end car has consistent performance that provides a light and efficient driving experience. This makes it an ideal model for long journeys on motorways or roads, with great comfort for the driver and occupants. Therefore, this premium vehicle is one of the most requested by high-class families on their vacation trips.

At DDSportCar, a large number of our demanding customers also enjoy this model to tour the city. Fans of dynamic driving find that renting the Mercedes S Class to tour or move around cities like Barcelona,​​Madrid, Valencia or Malaga is really easy thanks to its precise driving. You can also reserve the Mercedes S Class model for other more select destinations.

Moving around the streets of Marbella, Palma de Mallorca or San Sebastián with great lightness is very easy, since this elegant model is more than capable of tackling corners despite its apparent large dimensions. In all these circumstances the rental of this Mercedes S Class is very frequent. However, the greatest success of this luxury vehicle is in the most professional environments. Renting a Mercedes S Class in Madrid, Barcelona or Seville for business trips is the most regular trend. Its sober and elegant design gives off an image of power that makes it the most attractive model for this type of occasion.

Model features, engine, finishes

The Mercedes S Class combines the highest levels of luxury and safety with exceptional performance. Its driving is characterized by the feeling of absolute security and confidence that it causes at the wheel, and by creating an experience with extraordinary comfort. This is achieved thanks to exclusive equipment that is combined with innovative technologies.

The Mercedes S Class has under the hood a 286 hp diesel engine capable of 250km / h. This power can be mastered with a wide range of driver assistance systems that help efficiency and reduce accidents. The finishes of this high-end car are a benchmark in the rental of a Mercedes S Class. The spacious and ergonomic interior is packed with premium materials and finishes that define a new level of elegant and welcoming comfort.

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Why rent a Mercedes S Class?

To rent a Mercedes S Class is to rent luxury, comfort and quality at the same time. The feeling of power and sufficiency that this German brand achieves is more than enough reason to entrust a pleasure trip, business or long journeys to this model. Rent the most solvent S Class and feel the touch of distinction and pride that this premium vehicle brings to your image.

Where and how to rent?

At DDSportCar we are specialists in the rental of high-end vehicles. You can find several collection points throughout Spain where you can rent the Mercedes S Class safely and with all kinds of facilities. In addition, and if you wish, you can make the reservation online and even request door-to-door service to have your premium vehicle at the place and dates when you need it.


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