Rent a Tesla

We offer you the best and most exclusive high-end car fleet. A modern car fleet which is constantly renovated in order to offer you the most up-to-now vehicles in the best conditions. The prices on the WebSite are orientative, please contact us for a specific quotation, you will be inform by our comercial team.

Tesla S

From 275€ per day
Alquiler de Tesla S

CV 333 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 5

Tesla X

From 450€ per day
Alquiler de Tesla X

CV 423 | DOORS. 5 | PLACES. 5

Rent Tesla in Spain

Tesla has become one of the most sought after brands when it comes to renting a luxury car in Spain.

And no wonder.

Renting a Tesla and touring cities like Barcelona, ​​Madrid, San Sebastián or Valencia in a Tesla S or in the powerful Tesla X is quite an adventure.

The quiet engine of an electric Tesla car added to its power and driving comfort make this vehicle the favorite of many businessmen who go from meeting to meeting without worrying about absolutely nothing but driving. And if you choose to add a driver to your rental, not even that.

But a Tesla is not only an excellent business vehicle, it is perfect for touring any Spanish city with the minimum cost and maximum guarantees.

A different experience that you have to try at least once in your life.

Drive a Tesla

Renting an electric car is synonymous with quality and comfort, as well as a respite from the atmosphere. If we talk about Tesla, add the variables power, innovation and comfort to guarantee a stable and safe driving at maximum speed.

Experiencing first-hand the exclusive technology of an electric Tesla car, as well as its performance is an opportunity that cannot be missed. Therefore, if you plan to visit Spain, it is a good driving option within the luxury car sector.

At DDSportCar we have our own fleet and among our Tesla cars you will find the popular and elegant Tesla S and the incredible Tesla X model.

Do you already know which one to choose?


How can I rent a Tesla in Spain?

From this same page, booking your Tesla car is very simple. You just have to choose which Tesla model you want to drive and fill in the reservation form with your personal data, date and place of collection and delivery. Specialized staff from our team will agree with you to expand details and give you the exact rental price. In DDSportCar we have availability of Tesla cars for rent throughout the Spanish territory. Just tell us in which city you want to drive your vehicle and there you will have it. l.

How much will it cost me to rent a Tesla?

Los precios que aparecen en nuestra página son orientativos porque dependen de factores como el número de días de alquiler. En cualquier caso, puede alquilar un Tesla S a partir de 275 euros al día o puede alquilar un Tesla X a partir de 450 euros al día.