Rent a Mini Cooper Cabrio

The Mini Cooper Cabrio was born to inspire and excite independent and adventurous drivers. This high-end vehicle incorporates everything you need to provide incredible emotions while driving.

















Rent Mini Cooper Cabrio in Spain

Renting the Mini Cooper Cabrio to travel around Spain is a perfect decision if you want to take a trip with friends, as a couple or alone. The combination of technology and luxury of this British icon has become the preferred choice of drivers who love this fusion of design and power in a vehicle.

In DDSportCar we offer you the possibility of renting the Mini Cooper Cabrio to visit the main cities of Spain, such as Madrid, Valencia, Seville or Barcelona on your leisure and pleasure trips. Thanks to the style and design of this Mini convertible, its weekly rental is also in high demand for trips to beach vacation destinations such as Ibiza, Mallorca, Marbella or Malaga. A modern and athletic image that allows you to access the most exclusive places in Spain.

Renting the Mini Cooper Cabrio for long distances and road trips allows you to enjoy its dynamic traction control system that makes it easy to handle and steer the car regardless of the type of terrain. Rent a Mini convertible to tour northern cities such as San Sebastián or Bilbao, or discover the southern heat in the open air aboard a high-quality car. With this versatile and attractive model, the possibilities are as endless as the possible destinations you can choose from.

Model features, engine, finishes

This compact and modern Mini 2-door model hides under the hood a 1499cc petrol engine with a power of 136hp. The maximum speed it can reach is 208 km per hour and manages to go from 0 to 100 km / h in 8 seconds. Its power is controlled thanks to built-in safety systems that detect the behavior of the car in any situation on the road. These technical features are combined with the recognizable exterior design of the Mini Cooper Cabrio. The bonnet stripes, contrasting mirror housing, sophisticated compact design, and very distinctive rounded headlamps make this high-end vehicle easily recognizable from the crowd.

Inside, the feeling of exclusivity that comes from every detail of your cabin confirms the premium category to which the Mini Cooper belongs. A space that stands out, in addition to the excellence of its quality, for a creative and functional use. This Mini convertible sports in its interior equipment the decorative rings that are offered as standard on all models: the air ducts, speakers and the gear selector lever have the characteristic rounded design of the quintessential British vehicle.

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Why rent a Mini Cooper Cabrio?

Renting a Mini Cooper Cabrio for trips around Spain is always a wise decision. This high-end vehicle is able to adapt to the preferences of the most demanding travelers and even expand its luggage possibilities depending on the circumstances. Part of this is due to the Easy Load function which makes the act of putting luggage easier, offering a generous load capacity. The Mini Cooper Cabrio convertible is reserved for unique people who want to rent a luxury vehicle that is also used to attracting lots of eyes. Its features, refined design and great possibilities make this model one of the most rented by DDSportCar customers in all of Spain.

Where and how to rent?

You can rent the Mini Cooper Cabrio convertible at DDSportCar. We offer you the online modality to make your reservation or the possibility of going to one of the many centers that you can find throughout Spain. Plus, you can use door-to-door service to rent the Mini Cooper convertible without wasting a minute of your valuable time. A service at the height of our most exclusive clients.


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