Rent a Mercedes V Class 250d

The Mercedes V Class 250D is a luxury vehicle that allows you to take any trip in a big way. A dynamic and enthusiastic sedan that offers an exclusive space full of possibilities.

















Rent a Mercedes V-Class 250D

This Mercedes tourer is the favorite of those users who need to rent a luxury and spacious minivan of up to 8 seats. A V-Class perfect for business trips where you want to take advantage of the journey to shape all those good ideas in an environment that offers all the possibilities in connectivity and digital systems. Renting the Mercedes V Class 250 D for a company or business trip in Spain will allow you to make long trips to cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao or Barcelona on high-end transport where comfort and convenience go hand in hand.

This saloon has also been conceived to face other situations. Renting the Mercedes V Class 250 for group holidays to the beach, has 8 magnificent places to ski or other outdoor activities is a very common practice. Travel to cities like Huesca to visit the Candanchú station, travel to Lleida to enjoy Baqueira Beret and from there to Andorra. Or, choose the South of Spain to stay in Granada and ski in the imposing Sierra Nevada.

The possibilities of this model are endless, like the luxury of its interior space.For families, entrepreneurs, adventurers or shuttle vehicle passengers. Renting the Mercedes V Class 250 is the spacious high-end solution that can function as a private vehicle or a business saloon, depending on your needs and preferences.

Model features, engine, finishes

The Mercedes V-Class 250D is an automotive icon that perfectly combines elegance, efficiency and functionality. This, in part, is thanks to its 2143cc diesel engine with 190hp power, which can reach a top speed of 219km / h. The body and design of the Mercedes 250D show the dynamic appearance of the V-Class, characterized by its striking lines and high-class appeal. A tourer that maintains details of the classic design of high-performance luxury saloons.

Inside, the Mercedes V-Class is exquisitely finished with high-quality materials and a fully functional ergonomic design with maximum driver and passenger comfort. Comfortable individual seats that can be folded to create more cargo space, integrated refrigeration compartments, illuminated supports and endless possibilities planned to provide this interior space with all the comforts. The center console integrates intuitive operation of intelligent driving assistance and safety systems.

All the great comfort characteristic of Mercedes-Benz aimed at making the stay in the V-Class as pleasant as possible.

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Why rent a Mercedes V Class 250D?

The reasons for renting a Mercedes V Class 250D are varied and meet different needs. This high-end saloon, in addition to its great appeal, is a practical car that offers a solvent solution to those demanding drivers who are looking for a large interior space. Its power, safety and elegant and dynamic design make it one of the best Mercedes luxury sedans to rent in Spain.

Where and how to rent?

At DDSportCar we offer you the possibility of renting the Mercedes V Class 250D online. With our reservation you can pick up your high-end saloon at any of the hundreds of points that we have spread throughout the entire foreign territory. You can even enjoy our exclusive door-to-door service and receive this spacious luxury tourer on your selected dates and address.


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