Rent a Maserati Gran Cabrio

The Maserati Gran Cabrio was created because it was necessary to have a sports car "that could link the sea with the sky." With this convertible, the Italian brand, represented with a trident, makes any driver feel what it's like to ride the sky.

















Rent Maserati Gran Cabrio in Spain

Looking to rent a luxury sports car to enjoy Spain? In that case you will be happy to know that this Italian car is as versatile as it is attractive. A Maserati Gran Cabrio is the perfect luxury car for spending the holidays on the coast or touring the streets of cities like Palma de Mallorca, Marbella, Ibiza or Barcelona aboard a sports car that allows you to feel the wind during that perfect driving moment.

In other big cities like Madrid, Malaga or Valencia, renting a Maserati Gran Cabrio is almost a must if you want to surprise during your business or pleasure trip. It is a versatile sports car that provides a precise and light ride prepared for the hustle and bustle of the busy streets of any big city, but it is also perfect for enjoying speed on Spanish roads.

Model features, engine, finishes

Renting a Maserati Gran Cabrio is a great option to enjoy a spacious and powerful sports car. The 460 hp 8-cylinder engine of this Italian convertible can reach a top speed of 291 km / h and has an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h that lasts just 4.7 seconds. Inside, chrome and natural leather finishes stand out, reflecting the delicate and refined character of Maserati. A sporty and sophisticated style combined with a wide range of intelligent electronic systems that guarantee safety and comfort while driving.

Its bodywork is responsible for showing the strength of the design of this Maserati Cabrio. The front end stands out especially with the large chrome grille that wraps around the brand's iconic trident. The sides have an aerodynamic design that helps make driving lighter. A sporty and modern style with the pure lines designation of the great Italian brand.

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Why rent a Maserati Gran Cabrio?

The reasons for renting a Maserati Gran Cabrio have existed since 1914, the year the Italian team was born. This convertible is built for drivers who love cutting-edge design and power. For this reason, Maserati vehicles are equipped with the latest generation engines and capable of making your skin stand on end when revs rise. If you do not want to spend more time without enjoying the real pleasure of driving, all you need to do is rent a Maserati Gran Cabrio for your temporary business stays or holidays in Spain. With this Maserati supercar, your presence will always be noticed instantly: it is a feeling difficult to forget.

Where and how to rent?

You can rent a Maserati Gran Cabrio at any of the DDSportCar points that we have available throughout Spain. And even, if you prefer, you can enjoy a door-to-door service to receive your luxury car without hassle. With DDSportCar it only takes a few minutes to rent a Gran Cabrio maserati. Make your reservation online by selecting your preferences in the contact form that you will find on this page and start enjoying.


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