Rent a Bentley GTC

The most elegant model of the popular British firm has arrived at DDsportcar to offer as many possibilities as figures you can see drawn in the sky. British style and 4 wheel power.

















Rent a Bentley GTC in Spain

Renting a Bentley GTC is fulfilling the desire to drive in comfort, emotion and style. This vehicle is built to make the most of the sun, but it also shows its efficiency in the most adverse weather conditions. At the efficiency level, this is provided by the active four-wheel drive from Bentley, which provides the poise and driving safety so characteristic of the British brand.

To complement the driving experience with the convertible mode, the two heated front seats are equipped with cooling technology. This way you can stay comfortable in midsummer, and in winter you can gently feel warm air around your neck and shoulders. Thanks to the design and performance of this impressive model, you can enjoy the experience of driving a Bentley GTC all year round and on any city or road. The Bentley GTC is the ideal vehicle to rent for business trips, high-class pleasure events, and for occasions where elegance and luxury must be seen in every detail.

Model features, engine, finishes

The Bentley GTC offers under its hood the perfect fusion of power and refinement so characteristic of the British brand. Proof of this is its 3993 cc gasoline engine with 8 cylinders located in V, which reaches a maximum power of 507CV. This engine allows you to reach 100 km in just 5 seconds. A more than acceptable time considering its weight of 2200 kg. On an aesthetic level, it has a 2-door cabrio body combined with pronounced fenders that give it a strong image on the road. These fenders are presented with a ventilation opening complete with an elegant chrome letter B for decoration. Up front, the Bentley GTC offers the sculpted, dynamic look characteristic of its front grilles.

The interior is the space reserved for the Bentley GTC to exude luxury in every inch. A design made by hand by the brand's team of artisans, which incorporates a central panel with dials, graphics and console elements with meticulous finishes. As usual, the Bentley watch stands out between the two central chrome air vents.

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Why rent a Bentley GTC?

The Bentley GTC is a luxurious, elegant and majestic car that will meet the needs of the most demanding drivers. Ideal for people looking for an exclusive car capable of impressing in any situation and environment. At DDSportCar you have the possibility to rent a Bentley GTC to make you fulfill the desire to drive on the best roads in the world in comfort, emotion and style.

Where and how to rent?

You can rent the Bentley GTC in the main cities of Spain and in many other provincial capitals spread all over the map. In addition, and if you wish, we can take the vehicle to a specific address with our door-to-door service.


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