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We offer you the possibility to rent the fastest Audi R8 ever. A new generation of the R8 that puts the world in your hands, and the clouds in the sky.

















Audi R8 rental in Spain

To rent an Audi R8 for a road trip is to enter another dimension. This sports car provides the power and efficiency typical of a high competition car. A car from the German house that has been created to seduce over long distances, completely eliminating fatigue. But this sports car can not only be worn on long distances because it is in short distances when its design can be fully appreciated. Renting an Audi R8 for the city, business or important events is to show a successful image in every way.

At DDSportCar you can rent the luxury sports car Audi R8 in its coupe or cabrio version - a unique driving experience coupled with the power that only a vehicle in its class can provide.

Model features, engine, finishes

The Audi R8 has a 5204cc gasoline engine with 10 cylinders located in V that reaches a maximum power of 620CV. This incredible engine manages to leave everything behind, exactly in 3.2 seconds, which is the time that the Audi R8 needs to go from 0 to 100 km / h. Its lightweight structure and smart energy management combine with an all-wheel drive that allows the Audi R8 to be driven at a top speed of 329 km / h. This design of its “wave” shape chassis, together with the raised diffuser and the air outlet grille that occupies the entire rear width, demonstrate Audi’s effort so that the concept of this sports car is reflected in every line and detail.

The interior responds to what is expected of an entire racing car.  Its sports seats look towards an integrated instrument panel that offers a lot of information, especially with everything related to the behavior of the Audi R8 while driving. This enables Audi to control all important functions without letting go of the steering wheel or looking away from the road.

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Why rent an Audi R8?

By renting an Audi R8 at DDSportCar you will have the opportunity to feel the freedom and power at your fingertips. This supercar is one of those cars that attract all eyes and from which it is almost impossible to take them away. A true asphalt beast with hard-to-match road power. Ideal for those drivers looking for speed, style and impress on long trips and in the city. The Audi R8 is now available to let you experience the true luxury that driving can become.

Where and how to rent it?

Where to rent a nearby Audi R8 is no longer a problem with DDSportCar. We offer service to the entire national territory, so you can enjoy this sport in any large city such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia, but also at some other point of your choice. At DDSportCar we offer you the exclusive door-to-door service, where you choose where and how long you want to enjoy this German beast.


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